Depraved - Lucia Jordan


Artist Lucia Jordan

  • Release Date: 2015-05-28
  • Genre: Erotica
Score: 4
From 306 Ratings


A powerful Contemporary Romance. Here is the first book in the ‘Depraved’ Series by Lucia Jordan, written in her signature style of high passion and emotion. 

Escaping for the winter turns out to get much hotter than expected… 

Cate may have bitten off more than she could chew when she accepted the job as manager of the Northpoint Inn for the winter. After making it through a rough break up with her ex-boyfriend, then getting fired from the job she so desperately needed, she thought managing the mountain inn for the season would be the perfect way to escape her troubles. 

But little did she know that her plans would be dashed when the heart-stoppingly gorgeous hunter/tracker Grant Taylor blows in with the first snow. Handsome, rugged, confident and commanding, Cate can’t help but be drawn to his raw masculinity and animal magnetism. But it’s not before long that the cold nights and remote isolation get the better of them and they start finding their lustful urges too overwhelming to ignore. Sick of never getting what she wants, Cate decides to give in to the temptation of her desires…but is she prepared for everything that the dangerous Mr. Taylor has in store? 

Only mature readers should download this book.


  • Depraved

    By Lady1272
    Cate is truly brave and bold to take a job alone in the winter wilderness. She is independent and able to handle anything it seems. When Grant shows up and throws her for a loop. She wasn't expecting him and he appears to be bossy and smug. Will she allow him to take control or will she be the one giving the orders? When she finds out about a serious event in his past what will she do? Will read remaining books to find out.
  • Depraved by Lucia Jordan

    By Laura22786
    Can’t wait to read the rest!
  • Great dynamics!

    By Lolshifoadmt
    This books shows two great, compatible characters that compliment each other perfectly. There's a pretty startling twist in the book also
  • Yus!

    By Lexi102296
    Oh my gosh this book is soooo good. I want more.
  • Depraved.

    By Tink1830
    Not entirely sure how I feel about the first book. I don't like how he forced her to do something she had no desire in doing whatsoever and that he knew she didn't like it. I hate how it showed she was distressed about it but he did nothing to comfort it. And I wasn't a fan of how she suddenly did a 180 and could not wait to do it again. I love Lucia Jordan. I am a new reader to this genre and she is always the author I go to. Normally her "dominate" scenes still have a sense of willingness and excitement. I didn't feel it this time. It made me slightly uncomfortable. But that is wholly my opinion. I do highly recommend her books. I just, this one I was not a fan of.
  • Depraved

    By Giada DiBenedetto
    Felt like I couldn't have wrote it better myself I can't wait to read what happens next !!!!
  • Depraved

    By Z&WM
    Lucia Jordan delivers a hot, spicy and erotic novel that is an e-page turner that keeps you wanting more...
  • Depraved Book 1 Review

    By BreaKim
    Mystery & sensuality—a favorite combo of mine that Lucia Jordan delivers with anticipated satisfaction. The characters & setting of the story captures the minds of readers in a fantasy worth exploring.
  • Good read!

    By MelissaV37
    Thought I'd downloaded the whole book, but turns out it was "Book 1". Just enough to get hooked! Interesting characters and storyline. Eager to see what happens next and will download the complete series.
  • Depraved

    By Ms pom
    Looking forward to reading the whole series. Great storyline. Held me captivated for more.