The Survivors - Angela White

The Survivors

Artist Angela White

  • Release Date: 2012-02-28
  • Genre: Fantasy
Score: 4.5
From 28 Ratings


The Apocalypse, Magic, Love, and a Battle for All Humanity

Adrian is an alpha descendant with gifts that allow him to call and charm others like himself. After the apocalypse that was caused by his father, Adrian is charged with gathering all free descendants in America for the remaining government. Instead of hunting them, the Marine forms Safe Haven Refugee Camp and creates a dream that even his betrayals can’t crush.
Angela is also an alpha, but she has been forced to hide her gifts for a long time. When the world ends, she risks everything to reconnect with the power inside and finally makes peace with who she is. Angela uses those powers to cross the broken country to reach her vacationing son, who has been taken in by a refugee camp called Safe Haven. Unaware of government trackers, the doctor continues to demonstrate how gifted she is as she travels, drawing more threats to their haven.
Marc is a moody Invisible whose powers haven’t presented yet. Denied a relationship with his soulmate, Marc is tall, dark, handsome, and only cares for his broken heart. Finding out that he has a child sends the military man to Safe Haven in hopes of reconnecting with his past. Sparks fly when Marc discovers Adrian’s secrets, triggering his alpha power and a battle between the two men for the love of one woman and leadership.
The government isn’t doing well underground. They’re running out of food and water, birth numbers are dropping like stones, and they have too many enemies topside to reclaim it alone. They need the power of the descendants or the meek will inherit the country. Benjamin, a member of the traitorous family who caused it all, would rather see the earth shrivel and die than to leave it to the survivors. He knows the descendants can help him put the world back to the way it was, if he can force enough of them to join his cause. The easiest way to do that is to kill the leaders or take their children.
Samantha can predict storms and sometimes control the elements. Drafted from a cushy job, Samantha escapes captivity and makes her way to the only place left in America where she’ll be protected. Sam learns Adrian’s secrets, but Safe Haven has become her home by then and the beta will sacrifice anything to protect it.
Kendle used to be a TV star. Thanks to a tidal wave and an outbreak aboard the cruise ship, she was stranded on Pitcairn Island for months after the war. While there, she was infected by an unknown disease that caused violent rages which progressed to madness in the rest of the population. Kendle survived when almost no else did and evolved into a beta from the horror. As she recovered, Kendle figured out a way to get home. She succeeded and brought the illness with her to Safe Haven.
Nature is the enemy as she tries to push humanity over the brink of extinction with volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, diseases, animal attacks, and harsh weather. Mother Nature knows the Creator is bringing these descendants together for a final post-apocalyptic battle that will save the world or finish burying it under the ashes. She’s trying to lower the numbers so she’ll have the advantage in that fight. Nature wants the plague of humans gone and she’ll go to any lengths to accomplish that goal. She’ll even challenge a Creator for it.

The Survivors is book one of an epic fantasy series where a few gifted women and men are now all that stands between humankind and extinction. They've been called together in this time and place to provide safety for the remnants of society. Would you care to see how it all plays out? Just grab a copy and you can come along for the ride. Everyone is welcome in Safe Haven.


  • The Survivors

    By Masanobu Cortéz
    Sorry... I've had it. Right wing patriarchal jingoistic, one dimensional, fear mongering drivel feeding simple uncritical minds with the stinking lies of a right wing authoritarian consciousness. Exceptionalistan strikes again. The sad loss of an illusion, delusion that never existed. I hated this book. I couldn't finish. I direct those who might be puzzled by the review to read Howard Zinn's " A People's History of the United States" or " Columbus and other Cannibals" or the journals of Fra De las Casas who accompanied Columbus. No. I'm not entirely sure of what I'm trying to express. This book contains premises that imply a world view that I loathe. An arrogant complacency that assumes a heartbreaking loss of something that has NEVER existed. Build a picture from the acknowledgment of a nation that got its start from the genocide of indigenous people, the enslavement of other people, constant war and belligerence.... I could go on but what's the point.