The Swayback Horse - William E Samela

The Swayback Horse

Artist William E Samela

  • Release Date: 2013-04-17
  • Genre: Short Stories
Score: 4
From 152 Ratings


Gawain is growing up in a world of gigantic castles, knights, and magnificent horses. A place where magic is as commonplace as the swords the knights carry at their sides in battle. Volmoria is a wonderful land made up of vast mountain ranges, forests, rivers streams, barrens and plains. Populated by humans, elves, trolls, dwarfs, orcs and some say nymphs and fairies but we all know that they are from children's stories right?


  • I like cheese

    By Miacheese
    I like cheese
  • Book

    By Airybeary
    Nice book
  • The swayback Horse

    By Minnie art
    I didn't get the plot of the story.
  • Horse

    By Ponies bravo
    I love the way you wrote the book. I love the horse and it is so cute and fun, I love how the horse is the color white.he was a good pony and I have a horse to. Is there any other books that you have wrote? This is a great way to go in to horse life. It was the best book ever.
  • Errors

    By Horselover937
    This is a lovely story about a boy and his horse, and I loved it very much. But I have seen many errors with the sentences. Listen to this: I like my dog she is nice Daisy is super fun she plays all the time. That is what the sentences in this book sounded like. It should be: I like my dog, she is very nice. Daisy is super fun and she plays all the time. I am definitely not trying to be mean, just handing out some constructive criticism.
  • Ok

    By Rfsfufdghgfd
    Not the best
  • Two vignettes leading nowhere

    By nosniborjg
    These visions have undeveloped parallel possibilities. One idyllic coming of age, one horrific seeking self-understanding. The language and structure of the writing is still immature. A good editor/mentor might aid development. Even at this early stage, some foreshadowing of the conflict to come would be in order. So far, not worth reading.
  • This is not a book

    By Sidro9
    I was only able to give one star as it was the lowest available. This was not a book and not even a complete story or perhaps 2 incomplete stories as it attempted to be. Please even new writers must try and develop their characters but do so with a complete story.
  • Might be good

    By Kyabaathai
    But I couldn't tell past the grammatical mistakes. Needs a editor.