The Change - Teyla Branton

The Change

Artist Teyla Branton

  • Release Date: 2013-04-26
  • Genre: Fantasy
Score: 4.5
From 337 Ratings


No Second Chance. Death, Life, or LoveUnbounded Always Play For Keeps.

There are only two ways to kill Unbounded, and fire isn’t one of them—as law school dropout Erin Radkey learns the hard way. By fluke of a recessive gene, she has become Unbounded, a nearly immortal being with paranormal abilities.

Erin’s Change separates her from her loved ones and alters everything she believes to be true. A week earlier she was considering a marriage proposal; now she contemplates the best way to stay alive. Caught in a battle between two Unbounded groups, the Emporium and the Renegades, she is also hunted by a secret mortal society sworn to eradicate the Unbounded gene. 

As Erin plunges into this dangerous new life, she must carve out her own place in the madness, protect her mortal family, and decide which group she should join. Her unique ability is vital to both groups in the race to secure an identification software that spells death for all Unbounded—or enslavement for the entire mortal world. Some will stop at nothing to use Erin as one more pawn in a battle that has spanned centuries. Erin’s undeniable attraction to Ritter Langton, whose family was massacred by opposing Unbounded two hundred and forty years ago, complicates her choices.

There are no second chances. Death, life, or love—Unbounded always play for keeps.

Non-stop action, terrifying consequences, and powerful romance make The Change an exciting addition to the world of romantic urban fantasy.


  • An awesome story

    By Wren Mc Coy
    A great story.

    By Sirflip
    Just finished reading this awesome book, and all I can say is WOW OMG WOW. The twists and turns, plots and sub plots, the flow of action, and the never ending biting of finger nail suspense will not let you stop reading this book.
  • The Change

    By Blgzzzzzz
    The characters are interesting. This book kept me intrigued throughout the entire plot.
  • The Change

    By Glitcherfixer
    Great book-excellent research, creativity-will definitely read the series-Siobhan
  • Very intriguing

    By ALLiEJ621
    I could not tare myself away from it . The tasteful romantic sci-fi thriller they I love ! Defiantly reading the next part to the series
  • The Change

    By Off_for_the_summer!
    A lot of fun! I look forward to the next one!
  • I have never written a review, this was worth it!!

    By Jerb4
    All I have to say is excellent character development, awesome suspense, and the plot twists kept me turning the pages. Excellent job! If you need a beta reader let me know!
  • Wow!

    By AllieM007
    I read this non-stop which is rare for me. Great suspense, developing plots, compelling characters, noble theme. Fast action, battles, science fiction, love of family and romance too...something for everyone. Great book.
  • Best. Series. Ever.

    By CraZ4mangas
    This is legit my favorite series. Better, in my opinion, than Divergent and the Hunger Games, and I'm really sad that I can't find other series by this very talented author. I hope you get lots of support and maybe even inspiration for another series if you're up to it :)
  • Very good read!

    By Bellpetaleb
    Quality is not a guarantee when you're browsing iTunes' free charts, however this is a diamond in the rough. The writing is eloquent and flows naturally through a story that leaves you eager for more. I can't wait to read the rest in this series!