The Eye of Moloch - Glenn Beck

The Eye of Moloch

Artist Glenn Beck

  • Release Date: 2013-06-11
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4
From 101 Ratings


Glenn Beck’s heart-pounding sequel to his #1 bestselling novel The Overton Window

The last battle for freedom is under way. An unlikely band of ordinary Americans is ready to make its last stand in defense of self-rule, freedom, and liberty. Among them is Molly Ross, a young rebel who exposed a shadow war for the nation’s fate that is waged by aging trillionaire Aaron Doyle and an elite cabal of self-styled tyrants. Marked as traitors and hunted down, Ross and her allies are cornered and standing alone.

But the fight is far from over. As Doyle prepares to fulfill his dark global vision for humanity’s future, Molly and her small but devoted team bravely infiltrate one of the most secure locations on Earth—a place holding longstanding secrets that, if revealed, will forever change the way Americans view their extraordinary place in history. Glenn Beck takes the sizzling suspense and roller-coaster twists of The Overton Window to new heights in this electrifying thriller.


  • Boring..

    By Matt bu
    This book is boring.
  • Eye of Moloch

    By azherrfun
    A better effort by Beck than his previous so called "faction" novels. Would have appreciated a little stronger ending. But I guess the battle is not yet over, in truth and in fiction.
  • The Eye of Moloch

    By Hfjdfufnxhd
    This is a fast paced book. Just when everything seems to spell the end near and we think there is no way out. Beck provides the light to bring us back from the abyss of our own making. Please read it, this will open your eyes to some of things going on around us.
  • Specious at Best

    By Ratty255
    The book is actually quite well written. However, I put it down less than halfway through. For anyone familiar with Glenn's ideology, the book is simply too predictable while at the same time unbelievable. The US has not unleashed its real capacity for firepower upon any enemy since WWII. The public, being too close to the battle, through news feeds and television, simply make wars too politically damaging to fight. We've seen the outrage propagated by left (and eight years later by the right) when governments even gather data on about our cell phones. And yet we're to believe that any government in America would risk all out war against the "Founder's Keepers?" This book mocks the American spirit as it seeks to praise it.
  • I cannot put this book down

    By GaBoy85
    I have waited a long time for this book yo come out and finally it has. I am halfway through it and cant put it down. I think every American should read The Overton Window and this book. Thanks for all you do Glenn!