Fatherhood - Thomas H. Cook


Artist Thomas H. Cook

  • Release Date: 2013-05-07
  • Genre: Short Stories


Lyrical, suspenseful short fiction from an Edgar Award–winning author: “Thomas Cook has long been one of my favorite writers” (Harlan Coben). Over his acclaimed career, Cook’s novels have haunted, riveted, and spellbound readers across the world, and his short stories are equally acclaimed. They range from the intensely focused world of “Fatherhood,” the Herodotus Award–winning title story, to the Edgar-nominated “Rain,” a dark, kaleidoscopic tale of Manhattan on a single, rain-swept night. “The Fix,” the story of a famous boxing fix that was, well, not a fix at all, was selected for inclusion in Best Mystery Stories of the Year. “What She Offered,” the gripping tale of a one-night stand, was included in the Best Noir Stories of the Century. Like Cook’s novels, the range of this collection is, itself, astonishing. From a backwoods Appalachian shack during the Depression (“Poor People”) to a Midwestern college campus in the throes of sixties revolt (“The Sun-Gazer”) to a midtown Manhattan bookstore on Christmas Eve (“The Lessons of the Season”), this collection demonstrates precisely that, in the words of Michael Connolly, “no one tells a story better than Thomas H. Cook.”


  • A Jewel of a Book

    By Kal S.
    I did not care for the first story in this collection called "Conviction " and I was ready to put the book on the shelf without opening it again. I decided to read second story called "Fatherhood " and loved it. All stories in this collection are true to the term- short stories- and easy to read. I was very impressed with writing style and simple but intense plot. I would highly recommend it. I am now buying his other books.