Evolution (Evolution Series Book 1) - Kelly Carrero

Evolution (Evolution Series Book 1)

Artist Kelly Carrero

  • Release Date: 2013-01-07
  • Genre: Action & Adventure
Score: 4.5
From 881 Ratings


Seventeen year old Jade Sommers' life is turned upside down the moment she sees the inch long cut across her face heal right before her eyes.

Jade thinks she is going insane, but her boyfriend, Aiden Scott, knows better. He knows what she is. And like him, she was born this way.

Now if finding out that people like her shouldn't exist isn't bad enough, Jade's best friend is kidnapped by the psycho who terrorises her dreams. With the help of Aiden, Jade has to figure out how to save her before it's to late.

But what Jade doesn't know is not everything is what it seems. She is merely a puppet in a sadistic game to find out what she is truly capable of, and that game has only just begun.


  • Great Read!

    By Nerdinthehouse
    I loved this book! When I started reading it I couldn't stop which lead me to finishing it in less than a days time. The only problem I have with the story would be how easily thing shifted without a transition, but other than a few confusing part it's great. I recommend it to anyone who wants to read something with a bit of mystery.
  • Love This Book

    By MonicaRdzzz
    This Is One Of My Favorite Books it Has Everything Romance, Action, and Mystery If U Like all This Then This Book Is Fir You😍😍
  • One of the worst Books I ever read

    By Ritu Vh
    To begin with the author's writing style is immature and it feels like I am reading an average assignment from a student in creative writing class. Next, the protagonist is SO irritating ! And her boyfriend who keeps flooding her with endocrines every time she is slightly upset with anything at all..... What's up with that? I thought I would be ready to shred the book (luckily it's an iBook) if I had to read the phrase "kissed me on the top of my head". To add to that you feel completely cheated upon when the book ends and nothing has been resolved! All she did was create a backdrop for her next book. Create a backdrop but at least let each book be a satisfying experience!
  • Wow… Amazing!

    By 3eeviltwinzz
    I read the entire book in two days! I haven't read anything like this for a long time! This was a really good read.
  • Oh my lanta

    By HarryPotterFanfictionRox
    This book is simply amazing!!!! It is so hypnotizing! I read it in bed in one night! The next three books are available and cheap and I will definitely be purchasing them shortly. I recommend this book more than twilight actually. No offense to Stephanie, who I have a deep respect for- as another author. In the beginning you get kind of a twilight-y vibe but it is so different and so new.
  • Evolution

    By Hannah-r/cola
    This book is amazing. And all the other books. You have to read.
  • Amazing book!

    By Goldstar2000
    I think this is one of the best book i've ever read! I am hoping the rest of the series will be just as good.
  • Really interesting book-

    By Creative mommy!
    Kept me guessing. Would make a great movie!!!
  • Love It!

    By LoveGRL33
    Jade has the best boyfriend ever. Live the book.
  • movie

    By Mile/Matt
    they should totaly make a movie or better yet a tv show based on this series