I Am A Pole (And So Can You!) - Stephen Colbert

I Am A Pole (And So Can You!)

Artist Stephen Colbert

  • Release Date: 2012-05-08
  • Genre: Humor
Score: 4.5
From 444 Ratings


"The sad thing is, I like it" - Maurice Sendak

"The perfect gift to give a child or grandchild for their high school or college graduation.
Also Father's Day.
Also, other times."

- Stephen Colbert


  • Pole-itically Acclaimed

    By MusicMind
    I can’t say that I was taken back by the sophisticatedly crafted mother goose nursery rhyme-esque tonality of the short work nor, the quality of the illustrations attempting to convey a particular message of some sort or, another. What did astonish me was the brevity comprised within the allegorical preciseness of the plots intended moral trajectory. Aside, a few difficulties in the “read” of the text (I’m still not sure what a rod or, a stick is), the idea was short, plain, simple and, sweet. Imagining that a pole stands alone for the eventual union of its fated companion gives one a sense of glory and renown. There’s a flag and a pole in every region of the world which, surely deepens one’s understanding of international relations. Leaving the reader with but only one clear objective. Discover the many millions of poles around the world in hopes of relating with their similar, identical or, different challenges in which they may have also faced in seeking out their own individual identities. Certainly, one pole remains yet, to bare a flag comprised of all mankind’s works, deeds and, efforts towards obtaining true and everlasting happiness... Possibly, the sequel (Have your agents call my agents if you’re interested in a collaborative, Steven Colbert)?
  • Meh

    By Snafudave
    I expected better from colbert. It was bland at best.
  • ...

    By Charlie Teh Unicron
    I spent over $5 for that? 5 stars just because it was so wonderfully pointless.
  • What can I say? I loved it:)

    By codyaya
    Purely simple, kind hearted humor in true Colbert form:)
  • ...

    By Dkgirivjdjs
    I'm a HUGE Colbert fan! Watch his show every night! I heard him talk about this book a lot and was intrigued. After reading the reviews, I was sold. I bought it...and have regretted ever since. I wouldn't spend $10 on this. It's got some humor in it, but it's not what I expected. I just wanted to give an honest viewpoint for people that are on the fence. Try to find it online somewhere and read it there. Either way, I will always be a Colbert fan! :)
  • Pole.

    By RobbitCleft
    Say werd, Son?
  • Great read!

    By Meli1456
    Very funny! Actually wish I had purchased as hardback, would've been a nice table book for conversation and sharing:)
  • That was it?

    By Buddy7564
    That was it?
  • Sweet, silly fun... With a purpose!

    By Cams60
    It's an excellent children's book on it 's own with a sly humor for adults. On top of that the sales benefit the troops. What more could you have... Oh yeah! Famous last words from Maurice Sendak. Perfect!
  • Oh Stephen

    By D100zn
    I never knew you were a Pole-Auck, but this book will one day role/rule over the Sudetentland. How proudly it will wave (assist.) Much better than "I am an American and so can you." You've reached your 1st best destiny with this one bud-day!! Stay the course and hope there's no change. Bravo!