The n00b Warriors - Scott Douglas

The n00b Warriors

Artist Scott Douglas

  • Release Date: 2010-09-17
  • Genre: Sci-Fi
Score: 4.5
From 281 Ratings


A blog started the forever war--a global war set in the not so distant future between two groups (the Rebels and the Coco's).

Dylan Austin has grown up with the war being a constant background to his life; his dad has just returned from war missing a leg; his older sister is missing and presumed dead from the war; and all through school war has been embedded into everything they teach. Teens have been raised on educational war video games, and their minds are polluted with the idea that war is just a game.

Unlike most kids Dylan's age, he does not eagerly await the day he can serve the Rebel cause. At sixteen, Dylan is one of the weakest kids in his class, and is always picked last for war games; he's not even good at the government issued video games that are supposed to make you more combat read. Unfortunately for Dylan, war has come early, and he has no other choice but to fight.

No one suspected he could last a single day in battle, but after Dylan, along with two of his friends, wins an unusual battle inside the Disneyland amusement park in Anaheim, he becomes something that no one (not even himself) ever suspected: a hero and leader.

Dylan is sent with his two friends, Trinity and Hunter, to Seattle, where the fighting is worse than anywhere else in the country. He is expected to lead a company of over two dozen into one of the worst combat zones anyone has ever seen--but first he has to earn their trust and respect. 
The longer Dylan fights, the more he learns that true leadership has little to do with physical strength. He also begins to learn the true origins (and absurdity) of the war that he is forced to fight in, and looks for a way to stop it.


  • It use to be free -.-

    By peace101peace
    Y 2$ it was free
  • Amazing

    By wierddude88
    It said you wanted a book that reached out to gamers. I think you wrote a book that would be popular to everyone.
  • Epic Book!!!

    By Cardinal#1
    Coolest war book ever,perfectly paced action and also teaches an important lesson...WAR IS NOT A GAME!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great

    By bobby324567657
    Love the book I need the second though were all waiting!!!!
  • Best book ever

    By Darknight2835
    The best book I have ever read! So worth the money! I'm just mad that book 2 hasn't come out yet!
  • Great Book

    By Cocho2468
    This is my favorite book!!!
  • Awesome

    By The random56
    This was an amazing book. One of the best I have read. Cant wait for book 2 . It is an adventure and action. I would love to have this book in real life.
  • Noob warriors

    By Igyhbkiyigyhkbjjgv
    Great book, I'm glad it's free, can't wait for the second one I hope it's a bit longer and still free. And it comes out soon.
  • The N00b Warriors

    By Chart454
    it's a touching book that makes you want to read on and on! i wished it would NEVER end! its heart warming but sad at some points. the book was genius and thats all i have to say!
  • Awesome!!!

    By Chouko86
    One of the best books that I have read in a while! I can not wait to read book two!!