Child 44 - Tom Rob Smith

Child 44

Artist Tom Rob Smith

  • Release Date: 2008-04-29
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4.5
From 488 Ratings


The thrilling New York Times bestselling novel that inspired the major motion picture starring Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace

In a country ruled by fear, no one is innocent.

Stalin's Soviet Union is an official paradise, where citizens live free from crime and fear only one thing: the all-powerful state. Defending this system is idealistic security officer Leo Demidov, a war hero who believes in the iron fist of the law. But when a murderer starts to kill at will and Leo dares to investigate, the State's obedient servant finds himself demoted and exiled. Now, with only his wife at his side, Leo must fight to uncover shocking truths about a killer-and a country where "crime" doesn't exist.


  • Regret

    By wangwangusa
    regert didnt manage to get the ibook when it was 2.99.... was considering to buy, later forgot abt it... now the price went up so much... really regert it when saw so many positive reviews tat this is a really good book... hopefully the price will go down again soon...
  • Great

    By AdamAxel
    Great story, sense of period
  • Fantastic

    By WilksPhD
    Same as most other reviews...engrossing from cover to cover. Background details are as riveting as the central plot.
  • Terrific book!

    By Meatball 2
    Read half of this book one night, could not WAIT to get home the next day and finish it! Amazing and horrible details about Stalin's Russia, and a gripping mystery as well. I'd recommend this book to anyone and everyone, absolutely thrilling!
  • Compelling

    By Gcarguy
    Smith conveys the chilling reality of living in a state of constant mistrust. One misstatement and your life could be turned into a living hell. Even worse you would be forced to endanger others to save yourself...all to glorify the State and perpetuate its myth. . The darkness of the Soviet experience would seem to make for a dismal read were it not for the intriguing mystery surrounding the deaths of so many young children In spite of all the darkness, hope emerges. It is a compelling read that gives one pause about the direction country is taking
  • A Great Read, If a Little Hard to Stomach

    By Camser
    This book was absolutely worth the read, and 4 years after reading it I still reflect back on the plot. It handles many somewhat taboo subjects, especially for suburban Americans, with grace and tact… but never looses its thrillar roots—anything BUT! I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys thrillars which are not just blood and gore, although there will be some of this too.
  • Child 44

    By Peg1gy
    This book gives a glimpse into the unknown world of Russia in the fifties. I could not stop reading, it just stuck to my heart and mind. Child 44 is easy to follow, full of interesting scenes, and very hard to pit down. This is a sad story of life run by the state. Read, learn, beware.
  • Child 44

    By Whatshisname3
    This is my absolute favorite book. I have read it more than once and it never disappoints. I highly recommend it.
  • Simply awesome!

    By kerham
    The most interesting and unique story I've read in a long time. Makes you thankful to live in the US.
  • Fun :)

    By Ringdoctor12
    Shows how scary the thought of Communism can be. Great novel and keeps you swiping pages constantly. Interesting intro in how he uses microcosms to introduce the bigger picture.