Introductory Guide To Cryptocurrencies - Andreas Anderson

Introductory Guide To Cryptocurrencies

Artist Andreas Anderson

  • Release Date: 2017-12-28
  • Genre: Economics


Look no further... This is the ultimate introductory guide to cryptocurrencies. From Bitcoin to obscure altcoins, this book will enable you to understand the technical functions of every coin and enable you to understand what drives the price of a coin or token, so you can invest with comfort.

• Chapter 1: Introduction To Cryptocurrencies

• Chapter 2: Types of Cryptocurrencies

• Chapter 3: Keeping Your Coins Safe

• Chapter 4: What Drives The Value Of An Alt-coin?

• Chapter 5: ICO’s, Forks, And The Power Of Mining Pools

• Chapter 6: How To Trade PROFITABLY – Golden Rules

• Chapter 7: Picking A Long Term Hold – Find the Needle In A Haystack

• Chapter 8: Margin Trading