Happier Than A Billionaire: An Acre in Paradise - Nadine Hays Pisani

Happier Than A Billionaire: An Acre in Paradise

Artist Nadine Hays Pisani

  • Release Date: 2017-12-12
  • Genre: Specialty Travel


As Seen On HGTV.

Nadine Hays Pisani—author of the best-selling Happier Than a Billionaire series—takes you on a hilarious journey while trying to build a bed & breakfast in Costa Rica. In her distinct comedic style, she shares her frustrating yet funny experiences of building a home in a country known for taking its sweet time.

She struggles to live with construction crews, invading critters, and a delusional husband who insists everything will work out fine. Nadine introduces a variety of characters, makes new friends, and wrestles with unending challenges while celebrating this beautiful country.