Metal Programming Guide, 1/e - Janie Clayton

Metal Programming Guide, 1/e

Artist Janie Clayton

  • Release Date: 2017-12-16
  • Genre: Computers


Master Metal: The Next-Generation Graphics and GPU Programming Platform for Apple Developers

Metal enables Apple developers to maximize performance in demanding tasks like 3D graphics, games, scientific programming, visualization, and GPU-accelerated machine learning. Metal® Programming Guide is the authoritative, practical guide to Metal for all iOS programmers who are interested in graphics programming but don’t know where to start.

Pioneering Apple developer Janie Clayton covers everything from basic draw calls to advanced parallel computing, combining easy-to-understand conceptual explanations with well-tested Swift 4/Xcode 9 sample code (available for download at GitHub).

Clayton introduces the essential Metal, graphics, and math concepts every graphics programmer needs to know. She also discusses key graphics-specific libraries, concepts, and Metal Classes, presenting techniques and examples you’ll find valuable for both graphics and data processing. Clayton also provides coverage of the Metal Compute Pipeline, demonstrating practical GPU programming applications ranging from image processing to neural networking.
Quickly get a basic Metal project runningWork with Metal resources and memory managementLearn how shaders are compiled and accessed by the CPUProgram both 2D and 3D graphics with MetalImport 3D models and assets from Blender, Maya, and other programsApply imported textures to model objectsUse multipass rendering to efficiently implement computationally expensive techniquesLeverage tessellation to reduce mesh detailUse the GPU for a wide spectrum of general-purpose computing applicationsGet started with the Metal Performance Shaders Framework
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  • I like this book. it’s a good overview, but...

    By ebluBeta
    ok, this is a no nonsense guide to getting started. It encompasses the 2d and the 3d, and gives you a decent starting place. Janie Clayton has a conversational tone that is eay to read. I have 1 issue with the book. none of the links work. There’s an appendix that holds all of the code examples (which I think is a great convention, btw) in the book, theres links that are supposed to jump directly to these code examples… none of them seem to work. This is the only way I can let the publisher know.