The Alpha's Addiction - Michelle Fox

The Alpha's Addiction

Artist Michelle Fox

  • Release Date: 2017-09-22
  • Genre: Fantasy
Score: 4.5
From 7 Ratings


The vampire who wants what he can't have...

Vampire Davian Sanglante's mission is to stop a blood slave ring, not fall in love with a drug addicted werewolf caught up in the whole mess. 

Adele may be an addict, but she has the eyes of an angel and she sees right into Davian's heart. She knows him. Gets him. Sees him.

It's almost  enough to make his heart beat again, but he knows he can't have her. A vampire like him doesn't get a happy ending. Not with the secrets he keeps, even from Adele.

A novella length shapeshifter romance that ties into the next book in the Huntsville Pack series, The Alpha's Bite.


Adele broke our kiss and leaned back, her gaze searching my face. "What is it about you, Davian? Is it the blood?"

"Yes," I told her, although I wasn't certain that was true. Thralls were deeply bonded to their vampires, but it didn't usually involve this much kissing.

She bit her bottom lip."I want you like I've never wanted anything."

I shoved her away, uncomfortable with the way she watched she was hungry enough to swallow me whole. A dark temptation twisted in me, big enough to swallow us both. "Don't want me Adele. This won't last."

"Why not? You're immortal. That's forever."

"Because I'm not good for you. Not like this."

"Who hurt you?" she asked, her voice soft and resonating with an understanding I didn't want. She was far too perceptive for my comfort. The bond must be broadcasting my emotions. I closed my eyes and clamped down, refusing to share.

"You can trust me. I won't tell anyone." Her hand cupped my face and I turned into her palm, kissing the sensitive skin there. She started to speak again, but I covered her mouth with mine, wanting to cut off further questions. I didn't owe her my past, and my demons were too heavy to share without consequence.

She sighed and moaned into my lips. My body stirred and my senses spun. She smelled like a forest on a hot day, a mix of sunlight and pine and fresh grass tinged with lilac. I hadn't been so close to the sun since I'd been turned.



    By aries_sword
    Fabulous fast-paced roller-coaster sizzling read that keeps you entertained. Sparks fly between Adele and Davian, but with Davian's horrific past, he keeps his true feelings buried. The ruthless vampire leader of the blood slaves has a plan and Davian is working to disband this ring of slavery. Can't wait for the next book to see if Adele and Davian get their happy ending.