Unforgiven - W. Winters


Artist W. Winters

  • Release Date: 2017-06-19
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 20 Ratings


From USA Today bestselling author W Winters comes the conclusion to the Imperfect duet, an emotionally gripping romantic suspense. 

The sins of his past can’t be forgiven. 

It was too good to be true with Mason.  
Even knowing that, I could never have imagined he’d be capable of something so cold and cruel. 
That the man I grew to love was the reason my world crumbled years ago. 

There’s no chance we can go back to what we once had and it’s not as easy as walking away.
 He can’t risk me telling his secrets.

I don’t know what choices I have or how I’ll survive this. 
What he’s done is unforgivable, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to let me go. 


  • Brilliant Story

    By Bookbytch5
    OMG what a great second book, Couldn't put it down till i finished it, Theeres lots of twists and turns through out the story, It picks up were we left of fron the first book. Grab a copy to see how the story plays out for Mason and Julia if they get there HEA or go there separate ways. I voluntarily reviiewed an advanced copy
  • Can the Unforgiven be Forgiven?

    By Szmoromou
    Unforgiven is the second installment of the Sins and Secrets Duet. Julia has discovered the truth about Mason. The man that she has fallen deep in love with and who is also the person responsible for the death of her husband. How could she be so stupid? The love that she feels for Mason is so much more than what she felt for her husband, but now knowing what she knows she once again feels betrayed. Her husband's infidelity was one thing, but loving and living with a murderer is just too much. Mason can not take back what he did, but he will stop at nothing to keep Julia his. Keeping her a prisoner is not how he wants her to stay with him, but for now that is what he has to do to make her understand WHY he did what he did. Julia will play along until she finds the right time to escape, but when outside threats seek out to hurt both Julia and Mason, Julia realizes that her best chance of survival is with the man she loves and hates the most. Can Mason find out who is behind the threats? Who wrote the letter that destroyed Mason and Julia's HEA? Will Julia be able to forgive Mason and live a life of happiness she so badly seeks? I LOVED this Duet. I fell in love with Mason from the very beginning. The closed off man that has been burned and hurt so badly by a wicked red head woman and his family finally opens up and allows LOVE in. So when he finds the LOVE OF HIS LIFE he doesn't let go. Although Julia thinks she is weak and broken, in reality she is the strongest woman. Mason and Julia's relationship may have its darkness and secrets, but the love that they have for one another is FOREVER. I couldn't put this book down and after it ended I wanted more. What is their life now after the dust has settled? Willow.... are you listening ;).
  • Imperfect and unforgiven

    By beer baby
    Exceptional writing characters you love and hate. Forgiving what shouldn't be. Mason has my heart.
  • Can Unforgivable Secrets be Forgiven?

    By QueenBeeQT
    What Mason did in the past is unforgivable. Jules’ world collapsed and Mason had a part in the implosion. However, Mason won’t let Jules go, for her protection, and because he is in love with her. How will Jules react when she finds out her late husband isn’t the good guy she thought he was? Is Mason too much of a bad boy for Jules? Can true love really conquer all, including lies and secrets? Unforgiven is book 2 in a duet, where there will be more duets written about the other characters. :) I highly recommend that you read Imperfect (Sins and Secrets Series of Duets Book 1) before reading Unforgiven to learn the history of Jules & Mason, although, you probably could read this as a standalone book. Like Imperfect, each chapter starts with an emotional poem, a unique addition. Great book! :)

    By aries_sword
    This stirring story lures you back into the lives of Mason and Jules with harrowing moments that grab your heart strings, suspense, spine-chilling action, shocking betrayal, mystery piques your interest, nightmarish secrets unfold, sensual intoxicating romance spices up this story; there is a happy ever after but not until the horrific memories from the past are accepted and put to rest. Mason finds himself in a whirlwind of emotions as he tries to find ways to prove his love to Jules and prays that she forgives him for his treachery and lies. Heated anger swirls deep in the heart of Jules making her want to leave Mason forever. An astonishing story that will have you on the edge of your seat and keep you turning pages until the last word. Praise-worthy characters jump off the pages with superb dialogue and dynamic vivid scene descriptions. The back stories of Mason and Jules give the reader insight into the reasons for their actions. The author does a fabulous job showing that forgiveness lies deep within the soul and at times true everlasting love can overcome the worst of times. The romance is certainly believable and I truly loved these two together as they both soothed each other's pain. I relished the poetry in this story as it showed the hidden feelings of the characters. This is definitely a fantastic book for your library. I found this to be a most gratifying read and {I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy}. Without reservations, I recommend this book.
  • Stunning!

    By Mikie99
    Absolute page turner. This book would make an amazing movie or tv series. Secrets, lies, danger, lust, love and devoted passion all collide to make this one of the best books I've read this year! Stunning! I received an early copy and am voluntarily leaving a review. I'm also gifting a copy because it's awesome!!!
  • Must Read

    By VL1979
    Can you love a killer, could you forgive him? Jules loves Mason but can't get out of her head what he did. Mason will do anything for Jules, he loves her unconditionally. But when someone rips their lives apart and Mason's secret is exposed, can Jules ever forgive him. The heart wants what the heart wants and Mason will convince Jules of that. I love this series and I love the characters. As you read you can feel the heartbreak the characters go through and you can't help hoping they get there HEA that they both deserve. Once you start reading you will not want to stop.