Dragon Splendor - Ophelia Bell

Dragon Splendor

Artist Ophelia Bell

  • Release Date: 2017-04-11
  • Genre: Paranormal


Nobody said finding your two fated mates would mean an instant happily ever after. 

For immortal gold dragon Aurum, meeting the satyr who haunts her dreams is only the start of her problems. Fate's prophetic dream also promises Aurum an ursa mate, but the white-maned bear shifter she's tasked with helping is nothing like the raven-haired man who appears in her nocturnal visions alongside the amorous satyr. 

The ancient satyr, Calder, knows he’s destined to mate a dragon. The problem is that he made a vow never to take a mate until he’s completed his mission to track down the slippery nymph who betrayed his race. He also didn't count on being imprisoned with an ursa male who gets so far under his skin it's hard to let go. Unable to choose between dragon and ursa, he flees, deciding his mission is too critical to let love interfere.

Caught in the middle of the pair, Nicholas Stonetree only knows he desperately wants two people he can’t have. The long lost ursa prince would do anything to make them both happy, even if it means breaking the laws of his own race, and setting into motion a chain of events that may get his lovers exiled, and himself killed in the process.

With a war between ancient allies on the horizon, the trio soon realizes that victory might just go hand in hand with surrender where matters of the heart are concerned.