Dragon Void - Ophelia Bell

Dragon Void

Artist Ophelia Bell

  • Release Date: 2017-01-17
  • Genre: Paranormal


A woman born on the wind...

A Turul princess, Evie North has waited long enough for her “one true love” — a man she’s stopped believing truly exists. She throws caution—literally—to the wind and decides to take matters into her own hands. She chooses a handsome stranger from a crowd and falls into bed with him, hoping love might find her in his arms. 

A human man drawn to powers beyond his comprehension...

The only thing Marcus Calais knows is that he’s likely to die in a pointless war but also honor-bound to run into battle. At least until he meets an angel named Evie in Central Park who incites stronger desires than he’s ever had and whose songs drive him to levels of passion he never imagined. After just one night with the lovely, waifish beauty, he discovers he has so much more to live for. Will he sacrifice his principles to stay alive for her?

The immortal dragon who owns both their souls...

“Ked” is what his five siblings call him, but others simply refer to the huge black dragon as The Void. He is darkness personified, but nothing is darker than the enemy he is up against. It will take true darkness to fight the evil permeating his world, and to save the female Fate intended for him. But Fate has a funny way of switching things up when he least expects. What will he find when he ventures forth into the enemy’s lair in search of love?

What other surprises does Fate have in store?


  • Dragon Lust!

    By Nobody 1527
    I adore this Authors style. Her world building and plots are highly complex and extremely imaginative! We have soulmates in this book, with an extra thrown in too make an interesting twist. A blessed human, with the blood of the Dragon that Evie is soulmate too. How could she resist? She has waited so long. Her dragon mate comes to her rescue and the human, Marcus. Believe me, there is no shortage of hot, sexy action! You want to read this! Can she have the man, the soulmate, and happily ever after? Grab it and find out! Highly recommended read!