Run:Walk Method Mastery - Kirk Mahoney

Run:Walk Method Mastery

Artist Kirk Mahoney

  • Release Date: 2012-09-01
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors


Updated September 1, 2012, to Edition 2

Do you have questions like these about the run:walk method? Are you looking for a running training guide to faster runs?

* How can I build my confidence with the run:walk method?

* How can I separate truth from fiction among the many claims that I hear about the run:walk method?

* What are the secrets behind becoming more successful with the run:walk method?

* Are there any "rules" with the run:walk method that I may break?

* How can I simplify how I use the run:walk method?

Run:Walk Method Mastery answers all of these questions – and helps you to master the method in the process – by covering:

* Three confidence-building tips for run:walk athletes

* Several "great hoax" claims about the run:walk method

* Five little-known factors affecting your success with the method

* Seven "rules" about the method that are meant to be broken, including the likely origin of each rule, when and why to break the rule, and – most important – how to break the rule

* Three ways to simplify your use of the run:walk method, so that you can become a true master of the method

Plus, Run:Walk Method Mastery includes descriptions for marathon and half-marathon group training programs that specialize in helping you to master the run:walk method, as well as URLs for several references and an offer to get more, directly from the author.