Rogue Alpha - Kimber White

Rogue Alpha

Artist Kimber White

  • Release Date: 2016-12-16
  • Genre: Paranormal
Score: 4.5
From 207 Ratings


One touch made her crave him. Her shocking choice will change everything.

Biology student Laura Prince lands a plum internship deep in the Michigan wilderness. When she discovers a lone black wolf with piercing gold eyes in the forest, she feels a connection to him she can’t explain. Stranger still, no one believes what she saw was real. Then, she encounters Malcolm Devane -- a very real, tall, dark, brooding stranger with hauntingly familiar golden eyes. Laura is drawn to Mal in ways she knows are dangerous. But, when everything Laura has worked for gets torn away, he’s the only one she can turn to.

Exiled from his native pack lands, Mal is on a mission of redemption. If he can bring down a rival Alpha wolf and reclaim his pack, he just might get the chance to return home. But when he meets Laura, she stirs a dark passion in him he thought he could never have again. He knows instantly that she’s his fated mate but it may be the very thing that gets her killed. For a powerful enemy with nothing left to lose won’t hesitate to hurt Laura to get to Mal. Even though Mal knows the safest thing to do is walk away, the dark wolf inside him may be too strong to deny. 

Reader’s Note: Each book in the Wild Lake Wolves series is a full length, standalone, cliffhanger free, super sexy, werewolf shifter romance. You can read them in any order but the smoking hot events within each are interconnected and happen chronologically. If you like hot, dominant, alpha male werewolf shifters and the kickass heroines who will do anything to please them, then one-click away and enjoy the ride!


  • Amazing!

    By LittleRed.xoxo
    This book can only be described in a few words, the one I choose to use is amazing. I loved the way you were able to show us the connection between the two main characters. The only thing I may point out for the future is to give more of a story of how he knew she was fated to be his, not just her unsure emotions. ❤️
  • Excellent

    By akalatheory
    I loved this book. Was sucked in almost immediately.
  • Great book!'

    By TinaFeinga
    I've had to book for awhile but never got to read it! Man I wish I didn't wait long such an awesome book! Can't wait to read the rest!!
  • Rogue alpha

    By Raftrocker
    OMG! Totally hooked! Wanted the whole series.
  • Wonderful

    By whocaresrightnow
    The characters and story are engaging. Trust me when I say you won't want to put it down.
  • Rogue alpha

    By Fliah
    It took a while to get started. I almost gave up. I enjoyed the characters.
  • Interesting

    By Pdb44
    This was a cute love story. I did not like that it was from Laura's POV. Would have preferred it from multiple POV's. I did like all the characters, but did not feel they were very developed. Laura was strong. Loved that about her. Mal was good too. From the initial introduction between Laura and Mal, I expected him to be stronger. He is an alpha after all. It was a nice short read, if you're looking for a quick read. Enjoy.
  • Great!

    By LuAnaNxn
    Wonderful easy read that keeps your attention the entire time. Can't wait to read the next book in the series
  • 3/5 - Decent

    By Niki12748
    Since no one has written a review on this yet, I thought I'd post my opinion. Grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, and sentence/paragraph development mistakes were found throughout the chapters. I'm not being critical about this, as it wasn't such a giant issue, but it took away from the story for me. After a while, it seemed like every sentence began with 'I' and detailed information that I personally felt didn't contribute anything to the story. I don't think this novel was reviewed by an editor and if it was, I would recommend a new one. The character development was subpar, but I think this was mostly due to the fact that this is meant to be a standalone novel. Nevertheless, it read as a fairytale love story, which is fine of course, but not my personal interest. I was expecting more hesitant confusion from Laura which later blooms into a need she clings to and longs to be fulfilled more urgently, constantly, and heavily. This isn't shown well. As I read, it seemed like the story stumbled between moments of action and moments of passion. The moments of passion were great, natural, and hot. I'd say a bit cheesy but then again, what's passion without need to confess overwhelming emotions? It's two peas in a pod to me. Anywho-- I wish more story and background information had been provided in the text about Mal, his family, his friends, etc. Just more information! I felt the relationship between the two main characters wasn't developed well in story. Spoiler Alert::: Laura has sex with Mal literally after she was almost raped. Then in the span of a few days, she falls madly for the man without knowing anything about him and justifying it because of the connection they have. This might appeal to others but realism, natural character interaction, and development are my cup of tea and I didn't get that from this book (And just because this novel is classified as "Paranormal" doesn't mean that it can't achieve a respectable level of realism in character interaction, relationship development, and overall plot development). Now, the other novels might tie up some loose ends found in this book but I'm not interested enough to read the rest. Ultimately, this book was entertaining enough to get me to want to read till the end. So, 3/5 stars from me.