Momentary Stasis - P R Adams

Momentary Stasis

Artist P R Adams

  • Release Date: 2016-10-12
  • Genre: Science Fiction
Score: 4
From 74 Ratings


World peace can be deadly.

Humans discover alien technology and start colonizing worlds outside the solar system. Genetic modification produces miracles. Science advances the human condition. And, for the first time in history, the nations of the world have achieved real peace with each other.

But only the elite truly benefit from all the advancements. Most people are still trapped on an Earth ruined by chemical pollution, nuclear accidents, and chaotic weather changes. Rebellious "genies"--genetically engineered servants--cause more harm than good. And global corporations have stripped the idea of nations and freedom of any real meaning.

Sergeant Jack Rimes is no stranger to intrigue. The U.S. Army Special Forces operator lives in a time where every nation on Earth is at peace… but there are plenty of secrets to go around. As corporate greed threatens humanity, genetically engineered humans are making international mayhem of their own.

After his unplanned reassignment to the Intelligence Bureau, Jack is tasked with tracking down a rogue agent implicated in a political assassination. As he and his new partner, an old flame, search the globe for answers, the truth shakes him to his core. The powers-that-be may not be very interested in keeping humanity alive…

Momentary Stasis is the first book in a provocative series of grimdark military sci-fi novels full of intrigue, horror, and action that unflinchingly explores the impact of technology and unbridled greed on humanity. If you like gritty, flawed protagonists, tech-heavy thrillers, and incredible new worlds, then you’ll love the first installment from PR Adams’ provocative new series.


  • Outstanding

    By sgulie
    This book opens like a million other weak military SF novels, but it really takes off. Character development is adequate to support the story, but the story... man, can this guy plot. Intricate and convoluted, but it all hangs together. Great read. I’m reading his next book asap.
  • Momentary

    By Shadetree carpenter
    Anticipation builds slowly, keeping you enticed and suddenly you can't stop reading even though you know you have to go sleep, but you dream about it and after waking you look forward to being able to read more. Twists and turns and abruptly all is revealed and you feel satisfied. This book didn't disappoint.
  • Satisfying hard sci-fi.

    By ReUPSer
    I really enjoyed this book. It's a quick paced page turner that causes you to take a real interest in the characters set in a nitty gritty near future.
  • Wooden

    By NotBrightEnough
    Wooden plot, wooden characters, wooden dialogue. Of course, it could have gotten better after the first ten percent but that would have taken a miracle.
  • HooWah!

    By Privateer3
    From an Airborne Ranger vet, this was a great read. Some little sections merged into trivia, but not enough to not call it a good short book.
  • Momentary Stasis

    By Pep5iLady
    A fast moving novel about a Commando unit involved in intrigue and deception, but led by an honorable man. Set in 2165, the world has become a dark and dangerous place, especially when "genies" turn rogue with their alien DNA insertion. A superb read!
  • Page Turner with Nonstop Action

    By sexyblacksmith
    I thoroughly enjoyed this P. R. Adams tour de force through a bleakly plausible future. The characters are larger than life, but still relatable and engaging. The setting is extrapolated from today's headlines, so doubly scary. If you like nonstop action/sci-fi, definitely give Adams a try.
  • Contagious reading

    By Wtrcc
    This book is a great read with an easy, yet constant magnet with a very intriguing storyline.
  • Great book from a new author

    By Redwolf
    Note: I’m reposting my review. I purchased the book last month, but it seems the book was re-loaded to the iBooks and my review was lost. I've really enjoyed this book! It's one of the best military sci-fi novels I've read in a very long time. The author has created a gritty world, with no easy solutions to the problems facing us today. It's a dark future, showing what may happen as the current economic trends continue and resources become more constrained. Adams weaves in socioeconomic realities, such as corporations gaining power and influence at the expense of individuals. His characters are true to life, flawed, and believable. The protagonist, Jack Rimes, struggles to find his way in this near-future world through tricky situations that don't have clear black and white choices. There are no cardboard cutout villains here. The book reminds me in many ways of “Blade Runner” in it's setting, and the works of Phillip K. Dick and Alfred Bester, with a dash of the cinematic take on Jack Ryan from the Tom Clancy novels. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.