The Roundworm - Educational Resources, University of Georgia

The Roundworm

Artist Educational Resources, University of Georgia

  • Release Date: 2016-09-24
  • Genre: Medical


Toxacara canis serves as the source of some of the more common clinical problems encountered by veterinarians in small animal practice today, particularly when it comes to young dogs. To complicate matters, the life cycle of T. canis is complex, consisting of different migratory routes. Therefore, one of the purposes of this multi-touch book is to help veterinary students envision the different parts of the life cycle so they can understand how best to treat infected puppies. The other purpose is to help dog owners understand the important public health effects associated with this parasite. We are hopeful that this interactive book will help address these needs, by providing readers an effective way to become familiar with T. canis, how it initiates clinical problems, and how best to treat them.