The Breaking Away Series Boxed Set - Meli Raine

The Breaking Away Series Boxed Set

Artist Meli Raine

  • Release Date: 2015-12-01
  • Genre: Suspense
Score: 4.5
From 69 Ratings


The son and stepdaughter of rival drug dealers, Chase Halloway and Allie Boden know the odds are stacked against them, but love doesn't care about odds.

And neither does power.

Chase Halloway knows he'll take over his father's empire when old Galt Halloway's done, but he has dreams. Plans that have nothing to do with the drug ring his father's so carefully built since Chase's mom died years ago. Untamed and unmoored, when he sees Allie for the first time he realizes maybe the future doesn't have to be so lonely...

Protected by Chase during a blow-out brawl in her stepfather's bar, Allie can't believe the tattooed, muscled man who has eyes only for her really wants her...forever. With a past marred by her mother's death and a stepfather who won't let her leave for sinister reasons she doesn't understand, she wants to choose Chase and her own fate.

Drawn together by an attraction so strong they can't find words for it, and unable to resist a physical temptation so strong they can't deny it, can Chase and Allie's love survive kidnapping, murder, false accusations and more?

The Breaking Away Series Boxed Set contained the entire romantic suspense trilogy: Finding Allie, Chasing Allie, Keeping Allie. Each is a full-length novel, and by the end of book three Chase and Allie get the happily ever after they so richly deserve.  

**Listen to the 12.5 hour audiobook, narrated by Audie award winner Tanya Eby**


  • Awesome!!!!

    By Cchimni
    Finding Allie - A modern Romeo and Juliet take with lots of twists. Allie is trying to escape her step father and Chase is trying to escape the life his father wants for him. When they meet sparks fly and the connection is immediate. As they think things are under control a curve ball is thrown their way. A story filled with passion, love, ruthless family, and loyalty. I can't wait to finish the series! Chasing Allie-Chase and Allie overcome one obstacle and then are faced with the next. Once chase learns of her step father's plans he tries to shelter her. But reality steps in again and changes their best laid plans. Full of love, passion, suspense, drug lords, and twists. Keeping Allie-Allie and Chase find themselves stuck in the unthinkable position in the heart of the motorcycle gang with Allie being prepped for the sadistic drug lord. Who can Allie trust? Allies come in the least expected individuals. Does Chase really love her, or is he a part of the evil plot. The conclusion to Allie and Chase's story is filled with heart ache, pain, new alliances, love, twists, and passion.
  • simply outstanding

    By shadowplay4u
    Finding Allie is beautifully raw, achingly real, and stunningly heartfelt story of two broken people who are longing for a deeper connection that will allow them to spread their wings and fly. I was completely captivated by this incredible journey, and I found that my heart is no longer my own. What a wonderfully exciting start to a promisingly brilliant journey of hope, love, and determination! Allie can't wait to escape the live that she has been forced to stay trapped in. While her sister was able to walk away and begin living her dreams, Allie is held captive into a life that she never wanted. She longs to leave her current existence in favor of running after her dreams. Just as those wishes make their way from her heart to her head, in walks a man who will turn her entire world upside down and right side up. He is everything she shouldn't want, but she knows that he is exactly what she needs and wants. Chase isn't looking for a love that breathes life into him and gives him a driving determination that he has been looking for when he walks into a bar for a refreshing drink, but that's exactly what he gets. Allie not only takes him my surprise, but shows him exactly what he has been wanting for a very long time - unconditional acceptance, untainted love, and refreshing challenge. He protects her from a fight that breaks out and in the process finds out that he wants to protect her forever. Will he lose the one ray of sunshine in his life, or will he fight for his heart and his future? Allie and Chase stole my heart, and I don’t want it back. They are from similar yet different worlds, and they are drawn to each other in a way that neither can explain nor want to fight. The more they get to know the other, they discover that they complement the other and cannot stop the intense pull to be together. Allie finds the missing piece to her heart, and Chase understands that Allie completes him in a way that he can’t explain and will not live without. Two characters that develop so exquisitely and pull at my heart like these two have are such a wonderful pleasure to read about. I can’t wait to read more of their deeply passionate and deceptively dangerous journey. Meli Raine’s debut series is simply outstanding! I love the danger, the intrigue, the passion, and the feeling of something that seems so very real. This feels more like someone’s honest life story instead of just a made up work of fiction. Within this story I have found a rare honesty and a breathless love that has gripped my heart and will not let go.
  • Great Series!!!

    By Sandialys
    Loved this series! I really liked Chase and Allie. She is a very strong character who survives a horrific experience but is able to come through it a stronger person. Chase has to make tough decisions to be able to save Allie. I couldn't put these books down, I was hooked and read all three in two days. Great job Meli Raine. I was given an ARC for a fair and honest review.