Entrapment - Aleatha Romig


Artist Aleatha Romig

  • Release Date: 2016-09-13
  • Genre: Suspense
Score: 4.5
From 292 Ratings


"The snare is setleaving, friendships, lives, and futures dangling in the balance"

ENTRAPMENT continues the epic new romantic suspense series INFIDELITY, featuring Lennox "Nox" Demetri, Alexandria "Charli" Collins, the Montagues, and the Demetris. 

The thrills, heat, and suspense continue to add up...

One chance meeting
One sexy, possessive alpha and one spunky, determined heroine 
One week of uncontainable, unbridled passion
One impulsive decision 
Two declarations of love
divided by... 
The sum of intertwining pasts, lies, and broken rules 


"Infidelity - it isn't what you think"

Don't miss this latest novel in the Infidelity series from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Aleatha Romig. The classic twists, turns, deceptions, and devotions will have readers on the edge of their seats, discovering answers that continue to pose questions. Be ready to swoon one minute and scream the next. 

Have you been Aleatha'd?

ENTRAPMENT is the fourth of five full-length novels in the INFIDELITY series: Betrayal, Cunning, Deception, Entrapment, and Fidelity.

*This series does not advocate nor does it condone cheating.


  • Infidelity series

    By Chukituty
    I've read all the book in 3 days. Nox is a great character and as much as I want to shake Charli, I lover her character as well. Already preordered the next book, can't wait for the 17th to come!!
  • Entrapment

    By Paige53
    This book while in some parts goes off the rails, is good. The ending was to much. January can't get here fast enough.
  • Great read

    By Bls04
    This series is amazing! It keeps me wanting more. I cannot wait until the last book is released!!
  • Incredible!

    By MadalynJade
    One of the best book series that I've ever read! I'm not sure I can wait till January! If you love to read this series is amazing and you won't be able to put it down..
  • Wow!

    By Sqrrlyshrly7
    Can not wait for the last in this series! My newest favorite author!
  • Absolutely love this series

    By LoveCellos
    5+++++ stars! Suspenseful, addictive and enthralling story that you shouldn't miss.
  • Love

    By Kristinc05
    Captivated by the books to the extent I can't wait for the next and it's not out yet!! I have already preordered it and can't wait to finish out the novels
  • I've been Aleatha'd (Again)

    By Lucinda Claire
    Entrapment is the fourth book in the Infidelity (not about cheating) series by author Aleatha Romig. Just when Charli and Nox thought their life in New York was falling into place, a telephone call alerting Charli to her mother’s illness sends her running off to Savannah, despite Nox’s pleas that she wait for him. Delores and Clayton watch in powerless disbelief as Charli climbs into the backseat of her step-father’s limousine and is whisked away toward Montague Manor, or as Charli calls it, the house of horrors. Charli (Alexandria) is trapped at Montague Manor. Nox is frantic. Adelaide is now a patient at Magnolia Woods, a mental health facility, trapped in her own mind as she fights detoxification from an overuse of prescription drugs. It’s a nightmare choreographed by Alton, Alex’s step-father, who insists that if Alexandria has any hope of saving her mother, she must fulfill her rightful duties as a Montague, including fulfilling her grandfather’s dying wish to marry Bryce. If my heart was in my throat at the end of Deception, then consider me completely paralyzed now, at the end of Entrapment. As far as I’m concerned, Aleatha Romig is the undisputed queen of head games. Her characters play them against each other, and she, by extension, plays them against her readers. I feel paralyzed to say too much at the risk of giving something away. Besides, I wouldn’t want to deprive anyone of the same gasps and heart pounding shocks I endured. Entrapment had me on the edge of my seat from the very first chapter. At one point, about 60% in, I remarked that the book was adding to my exercise routine, because there was so much anxiety, I had to repeatedly put the book down and walk away to breath. As expected, the story of Nox and Charli continues to twist and turn occasionally in ways I sort of suspected, and at other times in ways that surprised, and sometimes horrified me. The Fitzgeralds, the Carmichaels and the Spencers are, collectively and individually, manipulative sociopaths. Their ability to maintain a pretense to the outside world, while privately eviscerating one another behind closed doors makes them, literally, some of the most terrifying characters I’ve ever read, right until the chilling end, which, if you haven’t guessed, will leave the reader hanging until Fidelity, the final installment of the series. Five heart-pounding stars.
  • Entrapment

    By SueNist
    The only thing I hated about this book was that I knew when it started it that it wasn't going to be the end of their story! I can't wait for the last book!
  • OMG this series!

    By Jengsysygwy
    This series is very well written and simply amazing. I cannot wait until the final book comes out next year! The ending of entrapment was a major cliffhanger that left me wanting more! Although some parts of this series were hard to read with all the manipulation, abuse and control going on, I could not put this book down.