Deception - Aleatha Romig


Artist Aleatha Romig

  • Release Date: 2016-05-03
  • Genre: Suspense
Score: 4.5
From 320 Ratings


DECEPTION, book THREE of FIVE in Aleatha Romig's INFIDELITY series.
"Infidelity - it isn't what you think"

It all began in Del Mar, a chance meeting with a single rule--one week only.

Or did it?

Lennox ‘Nox’ Demetri and Alexandria ‘Charli’ Collins had every intention of following their agreement but rules are made to be broken. In CUNNING they are reunited with Nox setting down new rules for the game and Charli having no choice but to follow them. 

Now, once again, the game has changed. Nox and Charli’s hot sensual encounter has grown into something more but it is threatened with secrets and regrets. Is it their love and intense sexual chemistry that’s pushing them together or something darker, a puppetmaster behind the scenes pulling the strings on their love affair? 

Shadowy villains lurk around each corner and everyone is suspect as Nox’s and Charli's pasts collide with the present and threaten to compel them back to their predestined fates. 

Can deals brokered in the past be negated by something as pure as love and as steamy as the attraction shared by Nox and Charli? Or was it all a deception—starting with that very first meeting?

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Aleatha Romig comes a sexy, new dominant hero who knows what he wants and a strong-willed heroine who has plans of her own. With classic Aleatha Romig twists and turns, the depth of this epic romantic suspense continues to reach new levels as past and present intertwine. The Infidelity series will have readers swooning one minute and screaming the next. 

Have you been Aleatha'd?

DECEPTION is a full-length novel, over 300 pages, and the third of five books in the INFIDELITY series - It isn't what you think!
(This series is not about nor does it advocate or condone cheating)


  • Really?

    By Noriinny
    These books were good but I've only read the sample of this one and it's... stupid! Like Alex aka Charli would really believe Bryce. He's someone that she knows is a liar, rapist, and possibly the person that has kidnapped the same woman he accused of making the story over the man she loves? Not to mention that he's been stalking her and she's had to block his calls because he was so persistent. So what does he do? He (the rapist) breaks in to her apartment and leaves her a note that accuses the man she loves of horrible crimes and she believes it? See what I'm talking about? It's silly. And speaking of the man she loves, why? Lennox is a jerk. Just because someone is handsome and has a lot of money we (the readers) are supposed to see past his flaws too. At one time he gets so angry with her over one question about his ex that he yells at her so much that the spittle sprays her face as he's digging his fingers in her arm to the point of pain. Then he spanks her and decides to use his belt the next time she asks him something without his permission to speak. It's not sexy to me. Not at all. Can't we have a hottie that doesn't have a temper? Young girls will start to believe that the men in their lives should be allowed to treat them badly when they're mad because it's worth the good times when they're not being punished. And I'm starting to see how romance writers are making drinking too much of a sexy trend. The beautiful women in these books LOVE their wine. Drinking every day is NOT okay. One last comment. There are no nonstop flights from Laguardia to San Francisco, never has been. Unfortunately it's one of many routes that's not allowed. So much research spent on wine takes away from other areas it seems.
  • Deception

    By Paige53
    I wish these books would come to an end quicker.
  • Deception

    Love this book and Aleatha Romig style of writing!
  • Deception

    By Tmhaulk
    OMG!!!! I'm on pins and needles waiting to see what's next in store for Charlie and Nox!!!! Love love love all of these books and super excited for the next one!! So many questions! So many twists and turns!! Is it September yet???? Love all of the books by Aleatha!! One of my favorite authors of all times!!
  • Deception

    By Pam&Louis
    This is a crazy good book. This series is terrific and I can't freaking believe I've got to wait until September for book #4!! Read BETRAYAL, the 1st book and you'll be hooked on "INFIDELITY" too!
  • A little confused!!!!!

    By Aliyah196839😕🙁☹️
    I really liked the first two even though some of her choices got on my nerves the ending to this one really confused me. Without saying to much Nox and Alex's definitely grew closer in this one and that's exactly why the ending so confusing. One thing I'm exited for is to see how STUPID she feels when she finds out that he's Alton son.
  • Captivating, Brilliant and Mind-blowing

    By LoveCellos
    5+++++++ Stars!!! I have no words to describe what I feel right now. Aleatha Romig is a genius. She is the master of dark and twisted story. You have no idea how all the people's dot lines would become solid lines. In each book there's always the unexpected plots to come out and you would just read them with an opened mouth "WHAT"! I love to read suspense story. And I usually can guess how the story goes easily. But I could never get Aleath's story. Her plots in each book are brilliant. And her writing is beautiful. I'm going crazy that I have to wait 4 more months to get next book, "Entrapment".
  • Disappointed

    By 01glh
    I loved the first two books in this series. I like AR writing. The ending just left me cold. No spoilers but the ending, given what had transpired between Nox and Charli didn't make sense. I will wait for both 4 and 5 before I finish the series.