Revenge - Meli Raine


Artist Meli Raine

  • Release Date: 2015-08-17
  • Genre: Suspense
Score: 4.5
From 39 Ratings



Everything I know about my life is a lie. The more I dig into my father’s death the more I find myself in peril.
Mark turns out to be a liar, someone I thought I could trust. He’s not what he seems, and worst of all, a part of me can’t let go.
My boss might be an international drug lord disguised as a dean at one of the top five universities in the country.
Like anyone’s going to believe me if I try to out him?
But I can’t help myself. I should learn to keep my mouth shut.
Someone’s decided to do that for me.
Make me quiet once—
And for all.
REVENGE is book 2 in the Coming Home romantic suspense trilogy by Meli Raine.


  • Carrie's back to find out who set up her dad. Can Mark prove she can trust him to keep her safe?

    By Bearbearkitty
    She moved home after her father died in prison. Mark her only love turned him in and helped send him away. He wants her back and says she can trust him, but is tips just more lies? Everyone she thought she could trust seems suspect now. She is always looking over her shoulder. Can she and Mark rekindle their love and work together to solve this mystery? Love concurs oall but is it enough to save her and her best friend Amy from an unknown fate? Look for some old friends from the Chasing Allie books to show up in this story and help our heroes out. This is an amazing mystery/love story with some hot sex thrown in.
  • Awesome!

    By ChristiLofton
    Oh my! What can I say about this book! I loved it and am on pins and needles waiting for the next one! This book picks right up where the first book left off. I was sucked into this story from the first words in book one. This 2nd book kept me enthralled from cover to cover. Just a warning though, it ends in a cliffhanger, so if you don't like that sort of thing you may want to wait until all 3 books are out. This author weaves a story that is suspenseful, emotional and hot! Love this story and this series!
  • incredibly exquisite and thrillingly action-packed

    By shadowplay4u
    Revenge is an incredibly exquisite and thrillingly action-packed journey that takes us into a realm of darkness and oblivion that some are all too familiar with. We understand and accept the harshest parts of life when it comes our way, but what makes us stumble and stutter is whenever we are confronted with small pieces of pure and precious gold that are meant to be a haven of comfort and support. We don’t know how to deal with the small slice of Heaven that has been sent directly to us, and as a result we fumble around in the darkness of our minds trying to comprehend what is happening. Instead, we need to stop rationalizing and contemplating and instead just allow the peace, love, and hope that it brings to fill us up and heal our hearts. The soothing respite may not last long, so take it and hold it close for as long as you have it. Carrie has been stripped bare of everything she ever loved and cherished in her life, so to have it given back to her with interest is something she isn’t able to deal with easily. She desperately wants to trust and love easily, but she isn’t sure that power is within her grasp anymore. No matter how hard she tries to fight it, Mark refuses to let her drift away from him. He finally has her back, and he absolutely refuses to allow her to slip away. As he beings to understand what all she has gone through, he knows that she needs him more now than ever before, and he is determined to not only keep her safe but to show her how much she has always meant to him. Only with his unconditional love and trust can she hope to heal her heart one piece at a time. Will Carrie finally accept the help and love she craves from her friends, or will she see that coming back was the biggest mistake she ever made? If I thought Carrie was a strong and courageous woman in Return, then Revenge just confirmed what my heart has been telling me all along. Even in the midst of her crumbling world around her, she is able to see the pain of others and does what she can to help them. She is sto much stronger then she gives herself credit for, and luckily those around her see that and do everything they can to strengthen, encourage, and love her. They are the courage she needs to face each day, the wings she needs to allow her heart to once again soar, and the hope she is seeking to allow her to see the dawning of a new day. Loving friends like Mark and Elaine show her with each step that she is more then she thinks she is and that she can become the woman that she knows is waiting to break free from within. Meli Raine continues to amaze and astound me with her highly creative and deeply emotional masterpieces. I am unable to read one of her stories and not feel with my soul and listen with my heart to the beauty and the truth that lies within her words of hope and challenge. Her stories are truly soul searing in their simple yet powerful messages of true, unfaltering love and unabashedly honest hope. I encourage you to pick up one of her books and experience these outstandingly unique treasures for yourself.
  • Running Hot

    By Ddgoldbergs
    Desperate to clear her father's name, Carrie and Mark team up and share secrets. Family secrets and job descriptions that will test their trust in each other. Will Carrie listen to Mark? Can he protect her? Who is safe to run to and who is their enemy? An excellent storyline of cloak and dagger and steamy sexy scenes, Coming Home Revenge is a must read!
  • Revenge

    By Misti S
    This is the 2nd book in Meli Raine's Coming Home series. Carrie and Mark finally find their way back to each other. Someone is trying to tear their worlds apart. If you loved Meli's The Break Away Series, you will get you hear from some of those characters in this book. Will Amy be found? Will Carrie find justice for her dad? Read this book and maybe you will get some of those answers. This book ends with a huge cliffhanger.
  • Wow

    By Snoopyvet
    Wow I thought book one had me on the edge of my seat till I read book two. It's a great story but again I'm left needing book 3 now. Can't wait to read the conclusion in book 3. Loved that Allie & Chase appear in this book and are still going strong. Love the suspense it keeps me reading on